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repeat after me:

there are white people suffering in the world

but the white people who are suffering are not suffering because they are white

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yo psa you aren’t obligated to stick around for people who make you feel like shit

ollie the fuck off like the fabulous star child you are

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It’s not representation if they’re being used as a joke or shock factor

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I’m not even in this fandom, but hearing this made me feel so much better about life

I needed this today.

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wat even is this 

wat even is this 

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Your Body Is Beautiful And You Are A G o d d e s s 

i absolutely adore this but aren’t skinny girls in there? some girls have a high metabolism and they stay relly skinny even if they eat a ton. are they not beautiful?


I can’t even remember how many times I’ve reblogged this. 

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"I’m not scared of desperately uncool cultural reactionaries like Jack Thompson or anti-witchcraft Harry Potter burners. I’m scared of the people who do hold cultural power, who have the loud voice, who are, in fact, the cool kids, but think they’re embattled underdogs. I’m scared of the people who think that because disco was “taking over music” they had the right to “fight back” bullying and attacking disco performers and fans.

I’m scared of people who look at someone like Zoe Quinn, an individual who makes free indie games, or Anita Sarkeesian, an individual who makes free YouTube videos, and honestly think that these women are a powerful “corrupt” force taking away the freedom of the vast mob of angry young male gamers and the billion-dollar industry that endlessly caters to them, and that working to shut them up and drive them out somehow constitutes justice. The dominant demographic voice in some given fandom or scene feeling attacked by an influx of new, different fans and rallying the troops against “oppression” in reaction is not at all unique. It happens everywhere, all the time.

But let’s be honest: It’s usually guys doing it. Our various “culture wars” tend to boil down to one specific culture war, the one about men wanting to feel like Real Men and lashing out at the women who won’t let them. Whenever men feel like masculinity is under attack, men get dangerous. Because that’s exactly what masculinity teaches you to do, what masculinity is about. Defending yourself with disproportionate force against any loss of power? That’s what masculinity is."

Image from “Victims2Survivors UK” facebook group


Image from “Victims2Survivors UK” facebook group

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we have to consume media critically, because consuming non-oppressive media only isn’t an option. i want to discuss, explain, & refute the harmful messages instead of pretending they aren’t there or that there’s a way to avoid them altogether

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little girls between 6 and 13 years-old dressed as pretty pink princesses drop F-bombs to draw attention to society’s continued sexism


hey so aside from this video being super cissexist, fckh8 is actually a terrible and transphobic group (along with a huge list of other offences) 

just thought i’d share the info, and a link to a tumblr that talks about how horrible they are




things to ask a boy before you date him;

  • how do you feel about drake?
  • what are your thoughts on clothes marketed towards women?
  • iggy or nicki?
  • how do you feel about capitalism and its destruction of every walk of life?
  • do you use your blinkers while or before you change lanes?
  • why is darren wilson not arrested yet?
  • cheez-its or cheese nips?
  • should you mix patterns?

after these questions you should get a good idea of who he is as a person.

i like these

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 ”I’ll just sit here and wait for dinner, okay?”

Photos by ©Shrampton

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